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Pipe Seal Solutions is a family-owned business and proud to call ourselves locals. We offer our clients the latest pipe relining technology to fix their broken and blocked pipes - all without the need to dig. Our friendly, professional team is here to solve your plumbing problems fast and for good.

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What is Pipe Relining?

Pipe Relining uses advanced composite resin technology to restore and renew aged, broken, or corroded pipe systems without the need to excavate, remove or replace the existing pipes.
Nuflow Bendigo Pipe Seal Solutions
Nuflow Pipe Relining Process - Fix Broken Pipes
Nuflow Pipe Relining Solution
Nuflow Pipe Relining Process

The Nuflow® Solution

For drainage repair solutions, Nuflow® utilises a cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) restoration process.

This relining process repairs and rehabilitates pipes by creating a ‘pipe within a pipe’. The installation of an epoxy liner seals and protects the system from further deterioration, dramatically extending its life.

With Nuflow® pipe relining, we also repair high pressure and potable (drinking) water pipes that require structural strength. These products have been designed and tested by our in-house chemical scientists and engineers, meeting international
standards giving you peace of mind. 

For pressurised pipe repairs that are not structural, Nuflow® offers an epoxy coating process. Pipe relining is a non-invasive alternative to traditional pipe re-plumbing where the process completely coats the existing internal pipe system. 

Nuflow® pipe relining is an economical and efficient alternative to traditional re-
plumbing or ‘dig and replace’ methods.

'No Dig' Pipe Relining

Pipe Relining with Pipe Seal Solutions is a highly effective method of repairing cracked, displaced, broken and corroded pipes.

It is also a cost-effective method of pipe repair. 

What type of pipes are suitable?

Sewer, stormwater, water pipes and drains – any size, diameter or shape. 
This is ‘No Dig’ technology at its best.

For pipes needing structural strength (i.e. under roads or driveways), a liner is impregnated with resin and pulled into place before being cured rock hard.

For non-structural pipes (like water pipes in walls or ceilings) the resin is blown into the pipe to cure forming a new pipe lining, keeping it operating successfully for years.

Pipe Relining does not call for a workforce of plumbers, or a great deal of machinery, making the process an affordable method.

Minimal Disruptions
Typically, Pipe Relining is carried out and completed within a day. It is a solution without major ground excavation or destruction, meaning less mess and minimal disruption to your day.

Superior Solution
Pipe Relining can structurally repair drainage pipes with superior strength compared to non-relined pipes. The resin in a Relined Pipe is tough enough to prevent tree root invasion, helping provide a steadier and smoother flow of water.

Repair Warranty of 50 Years
The Nuflow® 50-year Warranty* means that once the relining job is complete, you can have peace of mind that a blockage or break will not occur again to that part of the pipe

Nuflow Bendigo CCTV Pipe Inspection
Nuflow No Dig Pipe Repair
Nuflow Bendigo Marg and Phil Kelly
Nuflow Bendigo James Kelly

About Us

Pipe Seal Solutions, the Nuflow® franchise in Central and North West Victoria offering a ‘No Dig’ Pipe Relining solution.

Phil and Marg Kelly have been operating Kelly Plumbing for over 35 Years, carrying out household and commercial maintenance work in Bendigo and throughout Central Victoria. 

The Kelly’s have a sustainable approach to plumbing, being Accredited 5-Star Environmental Plumbers with a mantra of ‘recycle, repair and re-purpose’ wherever possible. 

Together with their son James, they considered that ’there must be a better way’ to repair pipes, a sustainable and cost-effective option to the ‘excavate, remove and replace’ method. After much research, they discovered Nuflow® Technologies. 

They now operate Pipe Seal Solutions, the Nuflow® franchise in Central and North West Victoria offering a ‘No Dig’ Pipe Relining solution. The partnership is an excellent fit with the ‘recycling, repairing and re-purposing’ boxes all ticked. 

Nuflow® offer a range of products and training, providing the expertise to tackle this precise form of pipe repair. Pipe Seal Solutions utilise the Pegasus Contract Management System for major projects, have full insurance coverage, fully licensed plumbers and are Nuflow® System installers.

Commercial Services

Pipe Seal Solutions offer commercial pipe inspection, cleaning and relining by fully licensed plumbers and accredited installers, with major project insurance protection. Commercial, Civil and Government projects are Nuflow® speciality, with innovative, reliable and cost-effective pipe relining solution for:

Cracked stormwater or sewer pipes in new developments.

Deteriorating internal fire or water systems within corporate offices.

Water mains and associated piping.

One-off commercial pipe and plumbing projects.

Rural and farming applications.

Commercial and corporate facilities including shopping centres.

Public and Government utilities and facilities - pools, leisure centres, water and drainage infrastructure.

Theatres, hotels, apartment complexes and tourist facilities.

Pipe Seal Solutions provide a ‘No Dig’ Pipe Relining solution, resulting in less environmental impacts, operational disruptions, workplace health and safety concerns, and almost always saves money and time.

Pipe Relining is completed with Nuflow® advanced composite resin technologies. The technology is an environmentally-friendly option, which is custom-designed by in-house chemists and engineers, which is independently tested to ensure compliance with international standards.

From the Nuflow® headquarters in Queensland, these experts provide support to maximise efficiency and deliver solutions that take into account our Commercial, Civil and Government clients’ specific operational and budgetary needs.

Pipe Seal Solutions at all times, adhere to strict WorkSafe practices ensuring the safety of all workers a priority.

We provide

Asset Life-cycle Assessments
Undertake audits on your pipe systems which includes CCTV footage, mapping, a full report and recommendations.

Proactive Maintenance Programs
Including annual, bi-annual or quarterly high-pressure cleaning of pipes and conducting any interim repair solutions.

Reactive Repairs 
Qualified technicians and engineers are on call 24/7 to ensure unanticipated issues are resolved quickly including CCTV inspection, clearing of blockages and relining where necessary. 

This process allows ‘problem’ sewer or water drains to have permanent repair against a collapsed or damaged piping system, giving trouble-free service with customer protection of the 50-year product warranty.

Nuflow Warranty 50 Years Pipe Relining

Our Process

Complete CCTV Pipe Inspection

A CCTV pipe inspection is essential in assessing the extent  of damage to pipes prior to carrying out repairs. It is also ideal for:

  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Pre-renovation pipe assessments
  • Preventative maintenance and repair investigations for heritage purposes.

Full Report on Inspection

Pipe Seal Solutions will provide a complete report on the state of your pipes and the recommended solution.

Cleaning of Pipes

The hydrojet hoses are fitted with nozzles which produce a stream of water forward to clear the pipe, and backwards to propel the hose through the pipe.


Water Pressure
Using a range of specialist nozzles, high-volume and high-pressure jetting will unblock drains from 40mm to 2000mm in diameter. Water at pressures up to 5000psi is pumped through the hose which is inserted carefully into the blocked drain, and quickly clearing pipes.

Debris Removal
The high-pressure water easily cuts through tree roots and dislodges pipe blockages, flushing out sand, silt and other debris.

Once the blocked drain has been flushed, a high-tech CCTV camera is inserted to inspect the pipe. Further identifying issues and the source of the blockage. We record the entire inspection and provide a copy for our clients to keep.

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